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LED grow lights are a new and exciting addition to the marijuana growing community.  However, their popularity continues to soar as the increased affordability and cost effectiveness of the higher yields they bring to each harvest.  Electricity consumption can be considered low energy and again for indoor grows or personal plants the yields are fantastic all while being very cool-low temperature.

With the best LED grow light packages and a good or average grow, you should expect high yields of approximately .5g/watt.  Of course this is strain dependent and the professional growers or PROs can get even bigger yields per plant.  For example to get an average per plant yield of 100g or 3 and a half ounces(oz.),  from a power draw of a true 200Watt LED wattage.

The most recent crop of LED brands and models for cannabis grows are better than the ones available online or from Amazon/EBay for 5+ years.

With broader light spectrums instead of just blue and red light, the results are a healthy and green growth and great looking high-yield dense buds.  In the past the manufactures of LEDs utilized special lenses to directly the light onto a point on the cannabis plant to increasing penetration.  Thus the bigger yields are obtained with a comparable amount of light.

Here are some picture of LED grow light cannabis harvest with amazing results.  You can really see how the weed plants flower from seedling to adult plant.

If you are considering HPS grow lights VS LED Grow Lights you can check out our HPS vs LED grow light article.

Select LED grow lights when:

  • You want to let the plants cool themselves and avoid installing exhaust systems or complex duct work to cool the plants.
  • If you prefer top shelf potency over high yield per watt.
  • You wish to start a less affordable weed growing kit for your initial setup is can be expensive compared to HPS systems.
  • You have researched many grow light articles and reviews to buy the best kit for your space
  • You like cutting edge technology, ease of use and want to customize your light spectrum


Growing Weed with CFLs vs LEDs:

  •  Efficient LEDs produce higher yields for less electricity
  • If you have a short growing area use a CFL because the LEDs must be placed further away from the plant to ensure total light coverage.
    • LEDs should be kept 13-19” away from the tops of the leafs
    • CFLs should be kept 3-6 inches from the tops of the plants with the tallest stalks.
  • LEDs require much less adjust than the daily changes a GLS light grow requires.

LEDs vs CFLs

  • LEDs give off less heat than a CFL setup with the same amount of electricity, and LEDs also come with additional cooling options like heatsinks and built-in fans, which pushes all the heat up and away from the plants, making it easier for growers to maintain comfortable temperatures.
  • LEDs need to be kept much further away from plants than CFLs, which means that CFLs are better suited to short grow spaces without a lot of available height. LED grow lights generally need to be kept 12-18+” away from the tops of plants, while CFLs can be kept just a few inches away.

Which Cannabis LED Grow Lights are best for Growing Marijuana?
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