The Smoking Jackpot”: Cannabis Is One Of Las Vegas’ Hottest Industries


Medical marijuana came to Las Vegas in 2015 and had no trouble at all finding a home. Immediately patients began to seek care from the many cultivation, production and dispensary facilities that began to pop up all over the city. Now that the industry has become recreationally legal, the local marijuana industries are growing more competitive, and customers are loving it! Let’s take a look at the different areas of the industry that have taken Sin City by storm.

This is where it all begins! It might seem pretty easy at first; you plant the seed (or cut the clone, depending on the preferred starting method), you water the plant , let it grow, cut it down and smoke it…right? Not really, no. There is a lot more to growing quality cannabis, particularly in the harsh desert climate of Las Vegas.

Different cultivation facilities use different mediums to flower their chosen strains of marijuana. Whether using a strictly water based hydroponic system or good old-fashioned soil, maintaining moisture and balancing nutrients are crucial important and constant challenges here in the desert. Some facilities have taken on extreme measures for cleanliness in an effort to keep their plants safe and healthy as they grow, when they are harvested, and during their final curation phase.

Scientists and stoners alike can appreciate this part of the marijuana industry. While many people enjoy smoking flower, there are those who do not. There are also people who are unable to smoke cannabis, but still need it for medicinal purposes. This is why there are people and equipment that help extract and activate the necessary components of marijuana to make edible and topical cannabis products.

Balms, candies, tinctures, cookies, beverages; the list goes on and on. But there is another side to the science of this booming industry that still involves smoking. Oils, waxes, and resins are concentrated versions of basic flower smoking. The extraction process, whichever method is utilized, allows for these products to deliver a more intense high and clearer flavor profile.

Dispensaries are the places where the customers meet the cannabis. The atmosphere of these many marijuana shops varies quite a bit, but there are some that have a unique edge.

The best Las Vegas Recreational dispensary is actually part of a bigger operation, one that is in-house all the way from cultivation, to extraction and production, to final product sale. This can be difficult for some to maintain considering a failed crop or a botched extraction could massively impact the ability to generate revenue. However, when done correctly, all-in-one dispensaries can be the best places to go for knowledgeable staff. They are also beneficial for those who have serious medical needs and may have specific questions about growing conditions or chemicals used in production and cultivation.

Particularly because Las Vegas is a city built on tourism, it’s no surprise that people from all over the country are flying here to get high. The “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” attitude makes it the perfect place to let loose or try something different. Now, thanks to the booming cannabis and weed industry, that has never been more possible than it is right now.