COB LED Grow Light

Consider COB LED Grow Lights

A COB LED Grow light package is found in all LED lighting. One type of light package is a chips on board (COB). There are several advantages to using LED lighting with a COB package including longer the luminaire will last longer, provide higher light levels, give off more even light and stay cooler. . This advantage is provided because the LED chips are placed directly on the circuit board or substrate helping dispense the heat causing them to last longer. Since more chips can be grouped closer together, COB lights are able to provide more light than traditional LED lighting. You will not believe the difference switching to COB LED grow lights can make in your home or business.

Key Advantages of COB Lighting:

  • More uniform light
  • Longer Lasting Light
  • More light
  • Greater stability

If you are interested in seeing the difference for yourself, then look for downlights and spotlights with a yellow chip inside the reflector. While it can normally be spotted through the packaging, but occasionally, a cover or diffuser is used to hide the COB chips. You need to consider using these lights in high bays, street lights, security lights, high-output track lighting and many other places. Once you try this new technology, you will wonder how you ever lived without it in the past. These lights are available in a variety of colors, so one is sure to suit your needs perfectly.